AirStone Fireplace Remodel

AirStone Fireplace Remodel

It never ceases to amaze me how many poorly designed fireplaces exist in the world. It will also help you think about design options you want to include in your remodeled fireplace. If you consider tackling a fireplace remodel, be prepared to learn about flammability – this is NOT a job you want to screw up. Have funds available to hire a pro if you need one.fireplace remodel

With any stone fireplace design you can go for a basic design or you can also get as intricate as you would like. For optimum aesthetic appeal, however, we recommend that gas or electric fireplaces also have several inches of facing between the fireplace opening and the mantel and a stone hearth on the floor under the mantel!

Before you begin your remodel project, you should start by defining the scope of the work that needs to be done. Making use of stainless steel in remodeling has caught the attention of San Diego. If you desire to transform your home into a showpiece, marble is as good as it gets in a fireplace design.fireplace remodel

If you want to add a fireplace to a room and you don’t want to lose space in a room on the second floor to a chimney, you might want to consider installing a direct-vent gas fireplace. Remodeling a fireplace can be a difficult undertaking and not considered a do-it-yourself project to undertake.fireplace remodel

There are thousands of different tile mosaic options for you to choose from when updating your fireplace. Other materials to consider in giving your fireplace a more modern look is mosaic tile or even painted concrete. So I used duct tape and a really long level and placed my stones so that the next row up would stretch all the way across the top of the fireplace.

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