Control the Temperature in Your Home Without Raising Your Energy Bills

Control the Temperature in Your Home Without Raising Your Energy Bills


There is a reason why it feels like each month your energy bills keep going higher and higher. And that reason is that they are! And with the temperatures also fluctuating, more and more homeowners are resigning themselves to the fact that they can either be hot or pay a hefty utility bill.

However, there are some ways to cool down your home without the need to blast the A/C. Below are four easy to follow tips which can help you do just that!

Shutters and Curtains

There is nothing nicer than seeing the sun’s rays beam down into your home. It’s a much nicer alternative to using the overhead light. Unfortunately, it’s also the best way to let in heat which your home is likely to hold onto.

Instead, keep an eye on how the sun is moving around your home and open and close your shutters and curtains accordingly so that the sun’s rays never fully reach into your home. Instead, use gentle overhead lighting where you need it. As the sun moves around, you can then reopen the shutters and curtains to let out any trapped hot air.

What are you Wearing?

If the cold is your challenge then it’s time to reach for another pullover or even a blanket before you get up and turn up on the heating service. Why? Because it takes a lot of energy to heat even just one room using a heating service, whereas it costs absolutely nothing for you to wear a comfortable blanket on the couch while you watch movies and eventually fall asleep.

The same tip goes for when you are walking around the house. Instead of cranking up the heat so that you can all wear shorts and t-shirts, leave the thermostat where it is and instead put on an additional layer of clothing or  carry around a comfortable blanket.

Don’t Discount Your Fans

Just because they provide a basic function doesn’t mean that they aren’t useful. If you are in the middle of warm weather, switch your ceiling fan so the blades spin in a counterclockwise direction. This is a great way to give the effect of cool air and help your home to feel cooler. If you do this, don’t forget to switch them back again once the season changes.

Get the Moisture Out

If you live in a humid climate or there is an unseasonably large amount of moisture in the air inside your home, along with turning on your fans, open up a strategic set of doors and windows to promote constant airflow. If this air is left to sit in your home, the moisture can soak into your furniture and carpet and lead to eventual mold damage.

If You Simply MUST Use the a/C

For some people there are going to be times when they can’t handle the heat anymore and want to feel an instant chill. And while these occasional moments may be acceptable, keeping the entire house cool for the day so that the pet carer from the Groupon Coupons page for can come and take your pet for a walk is not.

With just these four tips you are better positioned to control the climate in your home without having to reach for the A/C of heating controls and without a rise in your quarterly utility bills, either.

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