Kitchen Remodel Costs Could Make You Lose Your Lunch

Kitchen Remodel Costs Could Make You Lose Your Lunch

Many people run away from remodeling their kitchens because they assume it will cost them a fortune. I missed your original post on this remodel, and I stopped in my tracks with the first (before) pic – it looks JUST LIKE a home I rented in the Braeswood area years ago – same floor plan, for sure! Move breakfast supplies and equipment (toaster & coffee maker) to the breakfast nook, or even to the master bedroom, to make additional space in the kitchen.

Most fabricators have stone left over from previous jobs, and they’ll often sell it for a fraction of the original cost. Yet, no estimate or cost breakdown is worthwhile without an experienced and reliable contractor to complete the kitchen remodel. Where possible, have a door in the kitchen that opens right up into a garden area with fresh herbs and vegetables.

For a huge splurge, Restoration Hardware has some amazing vintage looks but you can also pick up nice looking brushed nickel, burnished copper or crystal pulls and handles at big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes. Whether you plan to expand your kitchen into another part of your home or build an addition, creating new spaces can increase the budget remodel cost

Don’t forget to consider the cost of labor, appliances, countertops, back-splashes and flooring. The ROI for a $5,000 refacing will be about $4,000 and a big wow factor that you get to enjoy every time you go into the kitchen. Garden windows extend out, giving you a wide ledge to set plants on and more window area to let the sunlight in. They vary in price from around $800 to $7,000, depending on the size and remodel costkitchen remodel cost

Keep in mind that while a larger remodel will be more expensive at first, a complete remodeling package may end up saving you money over remodeling each part of your kitchen separately. A survey of over 2500 cost profiles of home owner remodels across the nation showed that the national estimated cost range for the remodel of multiple rooms in a home can start from as low as $5,000 and go well above $104,000.

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