Simple Tips for Ridding Your Yard of Mosquitoes So You Can Enjoy It Again

Simple Tips for Ridding Your Yard of Mosquitoes So You Can Enjoy It Again

It’s that time of year when people want to spend as much time as they can enjoying the beautiful weather in many parts of the country. The days are long, the weather sultry, and the evenings perfect for a meal cooked on the grill and eaten on the deck. It’s picture-perfect family time sitting on the back deck watching the sun go down, the kids play, and enjoying the good food you cooked outside. The only drawback is the mosquitoes. They’re bad this time of year, and you’ve got to learn to control them so you family stays safe.

Remove All Standing Water

The number one way to ensure mosquitoes aren’t making themselves at home in your yard is to remove all stagnant water. Toys with water sitting in them following a rain, a bucket that’s filled and never dumped, or even a water feature that’s not turned on are all welcome magnets for these pests. They need stagnant water to breed, and that means your home could become their new breeding ground. Dump it out and only keep water that moves regularly.

Call Pest Control

Mosquitoes are bad, but the Mosquito Squad of Ocean County is here to help you control them before they are a problem. Mosquitoes pose a health risk on top of the annoyance they cause. They are disease-carrying pests with the ability to pass that disease along to the people they bite, which could put you and your family at risk. To minimize this issue at your home, call for pest control services that include spraying for mosquitoes.

Use Nature

Things like lemongrass are not just pretty and fragrant, they do double duty as mosquito repellent. These bugs hate the smell of this stuff, and it can ward them off and make them want to find a new place to call home. This is great news if you’re looking for a way to spruce up the décor on your deck and/or porch as well as get rid of the mosquitoes plaguing your family. There are many plants that do this, and you should ask your local nursery expert what grows well in your area and repels these unwanted pests at the same time.

Mosquitoes are a problem, but they’re not as big of a problem as you assume when you take the right steps to ensure they’re handled. It might seem that they’re keeping you locked up inside when you want nothing more than to spend time in the great outdoors, but it’s all because you’re not doing your job to ensure these little creatures are properly handled. Now is the time to get onboard helping keep your lawn welcoming and enjoyable so your family can enjoy being home.

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