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Ryan’s Linguistics Blog

Your body starts preparing for labor in advance — as much as a month before you actually give birth. For some, they might be experiencing real ones and take it as false contractions. The writers of formal documents may feel that they undermine the authority and dignity of their words. I’ve been doing contractions with the kids in my 4th and 5th classes and these are just much more child friendly and cuter than what I have – I’ll be saving them and using them this week.contractions

Contractions usually start in the lower back and move to the front of the abdomen. If you’re not having regular contractions signaling preterm labor, try calming the cramps by drinking plenty of water, taking a warm bath, emptying your bladder and breathing rhythmically.contractions

The risk for the baby include reduce oxygen (fetal hypoxia) due to the increased force and higher intensity of uterine contractions caused by Pitocin. They do not get closer together, do not increase with walking, do not increase in how long they last and do not feel stronger over time, as contractions do when you are in true labour.

Keep a notepad and watch handy so that you can record the length and time between contractions. Provides word lists, printables, and interactive games and activities that give students the opportunity to use an apostrophe to form contractions. Braxton Hicks contractions are irregular and usually don’t hurt, though they may be uncomfortable and occasionally are strong and painful.

The less time is spent in fear of contractions – the easier the childbirth will proceed. I listen to it. When I start contracting I sit or lay down until the contractions stop. I added an extension activity so that the students would have to use their contractions in writing.contractions